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Hus Ski and Diablo Rouge Forum Use this forum to post all your Diablo and Hus Ski questions. Buy, sell and swap. You can also chat in the evenings from 8 to 9 CST.

Hus Ski and Diablo Rouge News This link brings you to all the great things happening in the world of Hus Skis and Diablos (that we know of). Send us your information and we will add it here. Updated 6/2/11

Videos to view and enjoy! This link brings you to various videos, some permanent cause they are awesome and some that come and go all with Hus Skis and Diablos in them. Updated 3/24/15

Hus Ski and Diablo Rouge Map Look here to see all the locations where Hus Skis and Diablos are. Yellow Pins are Hus Ski Owners, Red are Diablo Owners and Green own both. Blues are unknowns. Updated  3/8/15

Friends and their Hus Skis and Diablos Look here to see pictures of Vintage Hus Ski and Bolens Machines from all across North America. Let me know if you want me to add your location to the map or pictures of your machines.  Updated 3/19/13

This year, we met in Clear Lake, Wisconsin for the 9th Hus Ski / Diablo Get Together

 Start making plans to join us for the

Bolens Diablo Rouge 50th Anniversary in Port Washington, Wisconsin

January 14th, 2017


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Sled of the month!
Is this your Hus Ski or Diablo? If so, send an email
to bruce@gogodiablo.com to claim your prize.

Cliff S 100

Updated 5/4/16, this Diablo is from Michigan. Is it yours? 5/22/16, no winner this month. This Diablo belongs to Cliff S from Midland, Michigan.

Contest rules are pictures will be posted and if the owner emails Bruce within 2 weeks of the post, they win a prize. Of course, if I don’t have a picture of your Hus Ski or Diablo, it would be pretty hard for me to enter you in the contest. About every month, I will draw a new post from those listed on the “Friends” page.    Pretty simple, right?

“Sled of the Month” This link brings you to past posts of the “Sled of the Month”.


Cool Dad Thanks for sharing Dave and Deb!

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Hello all – Bruce here from the Hus Ski / Diablo website. Just wanted to thank everyone that visits the site regularly, contributes to it’s contents or on the forum, and support the site by buying parts and accessories. Feel free to contact me at bruce@gogodiablo.com if you have questions or comments. Also, I’m always interested in Hus Skis, Diablos and parts, so if you have some you wish to sell, let me know. Bruce’s Profile and Projects (updated 3/9/16)