2020 Hus Ski / Diablo Rouge / Sprint Trivia Challenge

We put together a little friendly trivia challenge in April of 2020. Take the test and record your answers. Then go to the link at the bottom of this page to see the answers. For fun, post your score (Facebook, forum or other).

Good Luck from Steve, Barrie, Hilbert, Team Fassbender and Bruce!

Hus Ski Questions supplied by Barrie Graham – Arundel, Quebec

1- The August 1966 bulletin to dealers offered a 444 Hus-Ski for how much?
A – $665
B – $725
C – $825
D – $444.44

2- According to SERVICE BULLETIN #6 on how to convert a single track 600 to a double track, was a hacksaw and a plastic hammer part of the 15 essential tools needed to do the conversion?
A – Yes
B – No
C – Why bother?
D- How big was the hammer?

3- Where was the model 600 single track tested prior to its launch in July 1964?
A – Banff and Northeastern Ontario
B – It was not tested on the snow
C – Foothills of the Continental Alps and Argentina
D – A paved parking lot in Pointe Claire, Quebec

4– If a HUS-SKI ran out of gas in a remote area, what did the OWNERS MANUAL suggest doing?
A – Remove the pins holding the skis to the sled and tie the skis to your feet with rope or lamp wick
B – Take the skis off, start a fire to stay warm until help comes
C – Plug the exhaust pipe to create a whistling noise and let your machine whistle for help
D – Put on the walking boots you bought in case you ever bought a Diablo Rouge

5- According to a SERVICE BULLETIN from Hus Ski, how can you increase the performance of a 252 JLO engine?
A – Increase the size of the perforations in the tailpipe
B – Turn in the high speed needle
C – Use aviation fuel
D – Install a 7 tooth sprocket

6– What is black and yellow and goes 700 MPH?
A – A HUS-SKI being shipped for testing in Australia
B – A HUS-SKI driven by Evil Knevil
C – A bumble bee in Horton Hears a Who’s Clover Field
D – None of the above

7– If you need electrical parts for your JLO, which of your neighbors sleds would have the right parts?
A – Bolens
B – Briggs and Stratton
C – Bombardier
D – Bagona

8– In 1964, Bombardier produced 8352 machines. How many did HUS-SKI pay royalties for?
A – 0
B – 7648
C – 8352
D – 200 + 400 + 600 + 444 = 1644

9– How long should the recoil cable be for a 252 JLO?
A – 42 inches
B – 157 mm
C – Out to the handlebars
D – To the backrest on the sled

10– Who did HUS-SKI Ltd pay royalties to for their initial idea?
A – The Goulet Brothers
B – The Ringling Brothers
C – The Brolet Brothers
D – Huey, Duey and Luey

Diablo Rouge Questions supplied by Bruce Schoblaska – Sobieski, Wisconsin

11- What is the origin of the headlights on a Diablo Rouge?
A – Germany
B – England
C – China
D – ACME and wherever Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner gets their rockets from

12- What two sizes of pistons would have been standard in a Diablo’s Hirth Motor?
A – 74.83mm & 74.88mm
B – 74.83mm & 75.00mm
C – 75.00mm & 75.50mm
D – 8675309 (Jenny!)

13- How were the serial numbers categorized for the Diablo Rouge?
A – All serial numbers were sequential starting with the serial number 10000
B – Model 500’s started at 00000, model 502’s started at 10000 and 503’s started at 20000
C – Model 500’s started at 10000, model 502’s started at 20000 and 503’s started at 30000
D – No rhyme or reason as Uncle Dale just drew numbers out of a hat each day

14- What was the “Top Speed” of a Diablo Rouge according to specifications?
A – 28 Miles per hour
B – 30 Miles per Hour
C – 35 Miles per Hour
D – 0 to 60 in an eternity

15- What size of chain and how many links were used in the Diablo Rouge 502 gearbox?
A – Size 40 Rex and 54 links
B – Size 50 Rex and 54 links
C – Size 50 Rex and 56 links
D – Chain? I thought there was a piece of rope in that gearcase????

16- What was the “Weight” of the Diablo Rouge 502 according to specifications?
A – Tractor = 330 lbs and sleigh = 70 lbs
B – Tractor = 340 lbs and sleigh = 80 lbs
C – Tractor = 355 lbs and sleigh = 68 lbs
D – When stuck in 3 feet of snow, it was measured in tons, not pounds

17– How many tires and how many bumpers are on the bogie wheel stations?
A – 16 tires and 28 bumpers
B – 28 tires and 16 bumpers
C – 28 tires and 14 bumpers
D – Forget tires and bumpers, I’m still trying to figure out that “0 to 60 in an eternity” answer

18– What brand of carburetor is stock for a Diablo Rouge?
A – Tillotson
B – Stromberg
B – Mikuni
C – Holly Race Q Series 4 barrel

19– What were the track cleats on a Diablo Rouge were made from?
A – Steel
B – Aluminum
C – Stainless Steel
D – Wood – Ha, what engineer would ever think a wooden cleat would work????

20– What do the Spanish & French words Diablo Rouge translate to?
A – Devil in Disguise
B – Red Devil
C – Devil Sled
D – Devil’s Advocate

Bolens Sprint Questions supplied by Steve Kappes – White Bear Lake, Minnesota

21- What color were Bolens Sprints?
A – Red
B – Burnt Sienna
C – Mauve
D – Raw Umber

22- How many total models of Sprints did Bolens release including race sleds?
A – 18
B – 20
C – 25
D – 146

23- In 1970, which 3 engines were used in Sprints?
A – JLO, Kohler and Hirth
B – Gutbrod, JLO and Kohler
C – Gutbrod, Kiekhaefer and Kohler
D – Chevy 350, Ford 302 and Hemi 440

24- What year did Bolens first use a slide rail suspension in the Sprint (consumer or race)?
A – 1970
B – 1971
C – 1972
D – 1901

25- Which Sprint models used an automotive style alternator for battery charging?
A – TR399 & TR440
B – TW295 & TW340
C – TW433 & TW440

26- After the Bolens racing program ended in 1971, the remaining race sleds were re-worked and re-branded for sale to the consumer market in 1972. Which model was it?
A – SS
B – TW293
C – 340S
D – Scorpion Stinger 340

27- What model JLO engine was in the 1969 Sprint model 621?
A – L297
B – L297E
C – 2Z340
D – Fuji F/A 400

28- What is the horsepower rating on the Kiekhaefer 440 engines?
A – 30
B – 40
C – 45
D – 155

29- On the 1971 TR399 and TR440 with the triple cylinder engine, what Tillotson carburetor was used?
A – HD95A
B – HL279A
C – HR103A
D – Holley 4-Barrel

30- On Sprints that were NOT equipped with oil bath chain cases, what method was used to oil the chain?
A – Compression fitting in the bottom of the engine that uses crankcase oil through a copper tube that dripped on the chain.
B – A grease zerk on top of the chain case.
C – You had to take 2 wing nuts off to remove the cover and squirt 8 drops of oil on the chain.
D – You duct taped a quart of oil to the inside of the hood and it slowly dripped through a few plastic drinking straws into a hole that you drilled in the chain case.
E – You didn’t do anything. Sprints were so magical that they needed no maintenance!

Bonus Questions

31- What animal did Bolens use in the early 70’s to help promote Bolens Snowmobiles?
A – Badger
B – Wolf
C – Husky Dog
D – The Pink Panther

32- Regarding the mascot above, what was his name?
A – Bull
B – Speedi
C – Buck
D – The animal had no official name but was fondly called “The Bitch” by the Bolens Advertising Group

33- Hus Ski and Diablo Rouge dealers showed looping projector films as part of advertising. How many versions of films were there?
A – Two
B – Three
C – Four
D – Five

34- Who were two of the original engineers that designed Hus Skis and Diablos?
A – John Smeaton and Fred Fassbender
B – Smith and Wesson
C – Laurel and Hardy
D – Tony Stark and Nick Fury

35- In 1964, a newspaper was published exclusively for Hus-Ski owners. What was it called?
A – How to Fix a Hus-Ski
B – Hus-Ski Sports Club News
C – Hus-Skiing
D – Yellow on Snow


Trivia Answers