Sprint Drive Belts and Clutches

DSC07722  Drive Belt P/N 1807519 and 1807135 for models TW433, TW440 & SS440 = $40 each

DSC08115 Drive Belt P/N 1806790 for models TW293, TW295 & TW340 = $40 each

DSC08114 Drive Belt looks like P/N 1806988 but I do not see that on my cross reference. Free to anyone who wants it.

DSC08116 Drive Belt P/N 1805765 for models SR295, TW399 & TW400 = $40 each

DSC08111 Drive Belt GTS 748 and GTS 712. I do not know what they fit. = $20 each

DSC08112 Dayco 1-6984. I do not know what it will fit. = $20 – only have one.

DSC08113 Bolens 1-8237. I do not know what it will fit. $20 each.

DSC07725    Primary Clutch P/N 1807159 For Models TW433, TW440 & SS440. These clutches have a tapered bore measuring 1.17″ (29.75mm) on the backside of the clutch. The NOS clutch on the left is sold. The parts clutch on the right is $20.

DSC07729 Primary Clutch – It does not have any Bolens numbers on it and it different than the other clutches above. It has a tapered bore measuring 1.17″ (29.75mm) on the backside of the clutch. This clutch is new. $75

DSC07724 Secondary Clutches. These do not have any Bolens numbers on them but they all have 144005 stamped on one of the sheave sides. They have a 1″ bore with a 1/4″ keyway. Two of them are NOS and are $50 each. One is NOS and has the shaft with it and is $65. The remaining one is missing the spring and is $20.

DSC07843 A bag of clutch parts for clutches on the Kiekhaefer motors – Bag #1 = $10

DSC07844 This is a complete Primary Clutch kit for clutch on the Kiekhaefer motors – Bag #2 = $25

DSC07845 DSC07891 A complete Primary Clutch kit . Believe it is P/N 1807105 for Bolens motors = $40

DSC07846 Primary Clutch Roller Arms P/N 1807526 for Kiekhaefer motors = $10

DSC07847 Clutch Bolt P/N 1807143 for Kiekhaefer motors = $5

DSC07860 Shoe Ramps for clutches on most models – 3 for $10


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