19th Annual Chalk River Hus Ski / Diablo Run 09′

Written by Roy Teske from Gatineau, Quebec:
It was a long years wait, but finally on the morning of February 7, 2009, everyone was on the starting line of the 19th Annual Chalk River Hus Ski Run.
Catman (Diablo 500) and myself (Diablo 502) were the only two Diablo riders brave enough to endure the good-natured teasing of these acrobatic Hus Ski sledders.
When we passed by an old road-side field, Barrie and some of the other riders put on a show of snow bank jumping and deep snow running. Our Diablos just can’t match them in the deep stuff.

After a great morning run, we had a quick lunch, checked over the machines and took off for another run returning after dark.

After a great spaghetti supper, last year’s award winners presented the awards to this year’s winners. Awards are voted on and given out to the riders who make the most repairs or have difficulty in certain categories.

Larry Gendron (left) won the “Spark Plug” Award.
Chris Graham (left) won the “Pull Cord” Award.
Mary-Kay was presented with the “Broken Cleat” Award.
Chris McMullen graciously accepted the “Freddie Bachelor” Award (you have to get towed in to accept this award).
Can’t wait till next year. It’s old time snowmobiling at it’s best. Thanks Everyone!