Bolens Diablo Rouge 502

In 1967, Bolens started making the 502 Diablo Rouge for the 1968 Production Year and the model continued production into 1969. After the first model 500 designs were thoroughly tested, many changes were in store for this base model machine. Some of the most noticeable features of the 502 include:

-  A hood with the white stripe and louvers for improved cooling.

-  Bumper brackets that are tucked farther into the frame for added support and strength.

-  A much thicker dash panel.

-  The painted nose cone.

-  The ski seater has a handle bar support around the back of the seat.

In addition, many less noticeable changes were made including:

-  Heavier sheet metal and tubing throughout the chassis, hood and handlebars.

-  A heavier built gearbox with a slightly lower gear ratio along with heavier constructed drive sprockets.

-  The muffler was moved under the chassis to quiet down the motor.

-  A significantly redesigned Bogie Wheel and Bogie Rail assembly.

The 502 is the workhorse of the three models and most common. The sturdy underchassis design is built strong and can withstand the rough trails while showing a proud look pleasant to the eye.