Bruce’s Profile

Hello all,

My name is Bruce Schoblaska and I live in Sobieski, Wisconsin which is just a little north of Green Bay. I’m married to a fantastic woman with three wonderful children that are now young adults. I work in a paper mill as a Project Engineer and have a great time doing it as I work with a bunch of great people.

Hobbies include:

  • Getting up to our cabin which is in Elcho, Wisconsin. Here we hunt, fish, snowmobile, make maple syrup and anything else one thinks of to have a great time.
  • Watching football – Go Packers!
  • Of course, Diablos!

Since this is a Diablo site at this time, I’ll tell you a little bit about my Diablo experiences.

My Uncle worked at Bolens in Port Washington, Wisconsin back in the 60’s and 70’s till they closed the plant. They, along with my father, bought new Diablos. Our unit was a 503.  For a decade, we drove Diablos, Sprints and Rupps all over the Fredonia area (where my Aunt. Uncle and Cousins lived) and up around our areas. I have fond memories of my whole family (Mom, Dad, two sisters and I) getting on the Diablo and driving with other family to remotely wooded areas and breaking out the food and building bon fires and roasting hot dogs.

We had the 503 for many years, but we drove it hard and eventually it was scrapped out. Later, I bought a couple more from down near Port that were in desperate need of work. They sat up in a shed for 20 years until 2007 when I finally got them out a rebuilt one.

The rebuild was lots of fun and along the way, I met people who have the same passion and interest in the odd snow machine. It was then that it was suggested that I publish some information to help others.

Hope this sites helps you or at the least, you find some interesting things here. Below are some pictures of the shop I work out of and a few of my projects to share.

Thanks for visiting. If you have some feedback, shoot me an email at



The Diablo Shop was built in 2008. A 53′ by 64′ Metal Shed that is mostly storage and a shop set up to restore and work on our equipment. When I’m not putting around on the Diablo, I’m enjoying my Yamaha Apex.


Diablo 502 Restoration #1 2007

Diablo 502 Restoration #2 2008

Diablo 500 Restoration #3 2008