Bolens Diablo Rouge 503

In 1967, Bolens started making the 503 Diablo Rouge for the 1968 Production Year and the model continued production into 1969. After the first model 500 designs were thoroughly tested, many changes were in store for this upgraded model machine. The model 503 has one significant difference from the 502 in that is has a Hirth 191 motor with electric start.

Some other subtle differences from the base model 502 include:

- Different headlights that utilize a round lamp instead of the tubular lamp of the 500/502.

- A dash with less holes in it because the light switch is within the key switch and the recoil (if your 503 has one) did not come through the dash.

- A slightly different chassis with a third motor mount added for the larger motor and a pair of handlebars that spread out under the hood.

- A thumb throttle was used instead of the half moon handle like on the 500 and 502 models.

- A larger muffler mounted under the chassis.

The 503 is the most sought after of the three models. The electric start made this unit easy on the shoulders, the battery system illuminates the headlights at all engine speeds and the larger muffler made it purr down the trail.

Pictures courtesy of Mike Niebuhr from McFarland, Wisconsin.