Bolens Hus Ski / Diablo Get Together 2010

The 2010 Get Together was held in conjunction with the ASCOA Winter Meet in Anitigo, Wisconsin. For those of you who are familiar with the ASCOA event, that means oval races, hill climbs and other competition along with showing off your favorite antique snowmobiles.

From our family of Hus Skis and Diablos, we were well represented as people came from as far away as Ohio and many locals also showed up. Fun was had by all.

Bob and Randy came from Ohio and showed off their beautiful restorations. They also raced in the events.

While Petey was sliding his Diablo around the corners, Randy is above on the right beating up on the poor fella driving the Polaris. That was not a very far raceĀ  :) Petey won the oval competition.

Left is Pete and his brother Tim. Tim was having a great time till he threw a drive sprocket. Those ovals play havoc on the Diablo drive train. On the right is a picture of Randy at the starting line. Note how the fella in the Polaris is looking at him – he had fear in his eyes.

At the event, Diablos were well represented, but there were a few fine looking Hus Skis too. Harvey brought an unusual Hus Ski. It was awesome too!

I’d like to thank the ASCOA for being such fine hosts and allowing us to invade their event. We all had a great time.

If anyone has more pictures of the event, please share and send them to me at